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Welcome to Legacy American Martial Arts!

Are You Ready...

to start your martial arts journey?

We know that there are many reasons people like you want to start martial arts training.  Since we opened in 2009, we have been helping all ages...

  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Learn practical martial arts skills, get active, and increase fitness levels
  • Understand the importance of self discipline, goal-setting, and accountability to create the life they want

All in a FUN supportive environment that teaches martial arts classes that are age-specific and rank-specific.‚Äč

We Offer:


Little Dragons (ages 5-6)      Juniors (ages 7-12)        Teens & Adults (ages 12-104!)

Tai Chi

A martial art focusing on slow, meditative movement with minimal impact. For Ages 12 and up.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A grappling martial art that focuses on leverage, timing, and technique rather than size and strength. For Ages 12 and up.


  • Jena Bushey Jena Bushey
    • 6th Degree Black Belt
    • Monkey Black Sash
    • Certified Instructor
  • Jack Smail Jack Smail
    • Brown Belt
    • 5th Degree Black Belt
    • Certified Instructor

Thanks for your interest! We will be reaching out to you in 1-2 business days.  Talk to you soon.

7-Week Summer Special!!

7-Week Summer Special!!

Train June 10th - July 31st for $79.

Congrats! You've just taken the first step to a truly rockin' summer. Your first lesson is a one-on-one with one of our certified instructors. We will contact you within the next 24-48 business hours to set that up, so keep an eye on your phone.

Talk to you soon!